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My name is Anne Wilkinson and I am an independent Executive and Business Coach, Career and Life Coach based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

I invite you to take a look around this brief introduction to my services and if you would like to find out more please get in touch. I offer a free, no obligation 45-minute Discovery call, or coffee meeting in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire where my office is based for exactly this purpose. 

Whilst time served is no guarantee of success it may be reassuring to know that my business career spans over 30 years; as a manager, consultant, mentor and coach. The experience and skills I have gained from working with hundreds of companies of all size and nature and operating in multiple sectors are unparalleled. 


It’s not easy taking a company to the next level when you are consumed by the day to day running of it, and often too close to the business to see the woods from the trees. Working with an experienced Business Coach like myself who brings extensive skills and many years of experience can bring so many benefits and help you reach great levels of success. 


Life is much too precious to put up with working for a manager, a company or in a role where you are not valued or rewarded or it does’n’t fulfil you. If you want to move on but you’re not sure what you want to move on to, get in touch. I will help you get clear and enable you to make some good decisions. 


At certain times in life when we reach a crossroads we know we need to make a decision about a future direction, maybe a job, a career change or a relationship, but we feel torn, confused and we get stuck.

You may be ready to work on some goals or need to improve areas of your life. This is the perfect time to get a Life Coach. It’s how I first discovered the power of coaching back on 2000 and it led to me training as a coach so I could help others in a similar way. Coaching changed my life for the better. Maybe it could change yours too.


I offer a free no-obligation 45 minute call to discuss what you are looking for from coaching and explore how I could help. My contact details are above, send me an email or call or text me.




Exciting news!

With immediate effect I am delighted to offer clients one-to-one Business Coaching appointments from two new superb venues. I will also continue to work onsite at client offices and at offsite locations as preferred. Central Leamington Spa 39a Regent Street,...

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