My passion for Development started many years ago when I was a senior manager working in global multinational companies and I was responsible for large-scale business improvement programmes and my ability to develop and lead high-performing teams was critical to success.

I’ve been coaching for 18 years and been in business for longer. I have coached at all levels; CEOs, leaders, managers, small business owners and independent professionals from companies of all size and sector and at various stages of growth. We focus on key areas such as, strategy, vision and values, leadership and innovation.

My approach, driven by personal learning is to develop self-awareness and self-belief and work with clear purpose in alignment with personal values. Personal development is sometimes seen as ‘too personal’ and separate from the business agenda. However through maximising your personal potential you will thrive and be more able and willing to help others and contribute more widely to the success of your company.

My expertise:

  • Coaching – to achieve professional and personal goals.
  • PSYCH-K® – to reprogramme subconscious sabotaging beliefs and behaviours
  • Learning – to develop skills and unlock potential
  • Consultancy – to create the best solutions
  • TeamVention Challenge – to engage teams in innovation and collaborative problem solving
  • Take 2 – Programmes and retreats for personal, business and career change

I’m a professionally trained coach with Results Coaching Systems and Coach U, a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (INLPTA) and Advanced Facilitator of PSYCH-K® Energy Psychology.


Find out how Anne can help you

T. 07968 134326
E. anne@anne-wilkinson.co.uk
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