My early career in business started as a senior finance and change manager working in large corporate and global multinational companies. It coincided with an unprecedented period of changed and I feel blessed to have been ‘in at the start’ of computerisation and to play a leading role in some great companies. Against all the odds of my background it should be said, but that’s another story.

I was 27 when I found my way and could articulate something that I was good at. This period ingnited a career long passion for management development and training; learning and development as it is now referred to. If my employers had not invested and believed in me back then I very much doubt I would be a coach doing work I love and helping others to achieve their goals in business and in life. .

My clients are very diverse! After 20 years as an independent business consultant and coach and having worked with hundreds of companies across all sectors at all stages of growth and maturity I’ve given up trying to answer the question, “who do you work with”?.
My clients include CEOs, senior leaders and management teams, owner/directors of SME companies, solopreneurs and start-ups, independent professionals and private clients.

There’s not much I haven’t been able to help with. Whilst we may work on strategies for success and professional or personal goals my approach is personal, approachable and individual to you.


I think I have a rare mix of business, commercial, technical and people skills. Maybe its because I’m a Gemini with a creative and inquisitive mind, or maybe it’s because it took me a while to find where I could excel, but I promise you in a world which loves to label you and put you in a box, there is gold-dust to found in this generalist.


  • Coaching
  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • The TeamVention Challenge –  a programme I designed to engage teams in collaborative innovation
  • Cultivating Happiness – a life make-over programme of coaching and small group workshops

I am professionally trained coach with Results Coaching Systems and Coach U, mming (INLPTA) and Advanced Facilitator of PSYCH-K® Energy Psychology and Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.