Following an international career in management as a finance and change manager working for corporate and global multinational companies, I left to start my own company in 2001. Little did I know the adventure I was about to embark on!


Within 4 years of starting my first business I created three more – not all of them successful I might add!  I learnt as much if not more from my ‘bumps’ as I did my successes. I trained as a professional Coach with Results Coaching Systems and Coach U, and qualified as a Certified Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) going on to specialise in NLP linguistic profiling.

Training in NLP awakened a fascination in me about the power of the mind which continues to this day. I have usually got 3 or 4 psychology books on the go and read the latest findings from neuroscience about how WE work as human beings, what makes us us and what can we/must we do in order to create the best version of ourselves and experience the life that we choose. 


I can say with confidence that I have an unusual mix of business, commercial, tech and people skills and experience and I have achieved some amazing things against all the odds.

I’m a creative Gemini with an inquisitive mind, high-energy, fun to work with, passionate about getting results and with a zest for life.
What more could you ask for in a Coach?


Cultivating Happiness Personal Development: workshops, meetups and retreats. There will be much more news to come on this during 2019 so watch this space.