When I first discovered coaching in 2000 I didn’t know what it was.

I was an experienced senior manager fresh out of a corporate career who had received high quality management training for many years. Did I really need to invest in training as a coach in a marketplace where clients didn’t really understand what coaching was either?  I’m so pleased I did.

But training is only one side of the coin.  Coaching purists may say otherwise but I believe having a relevant background such as in business is important. I’ve met too many clients who had switched off coaching entirely because a coach they had worked with did not have the expertise to relate to their world.


Whether you are a senior leader in large company or running a small business it’s not easy to take a business to the next level if you are consumed by the day-to-day running of it.

Having a Business Coach with the background, experience and skills that I offer could help you stay on track, achieve your goals more quickly, help solve business problems and remove barriers to success. Business Coaching is proven to increase productivity and effectiveness, boost motivation and provide external accountability,

My fees start at just £50 per hour when you work online with me. Call 07968 134326 now to book your FREE Discovery call and let’s talk about your business.


Are you at a crossroads feeling a stuck or confused about a decision or direction in life?  If so, having a few one-to-one life coaching sessions with me could be just what you need. I have worked with hundreds of clients over many years so there is not a lot I haven’t come across or been able to help with. My life coaching fees start at just £50 an hour when you work online with me so they are affordable and accessible to anyone who needs help. So what are you waiting for?

Call 07968 134326 now to book your FREE Discovery call and let’s talk.


With over 70 percent of employees stating ‘lack of appreciation’ as their reason for leaving their job it’s hardly surprising so many are turning to self-employment rather than risk working for another poor manager with no training to do the job well.

I have coached clients at all levels of career including CEOs, directors, leaders and managers. I have supported clients as they embed into a new role and company and culture, others I have helped to make a decision and I help them find a new role. Others have decided to stay we have worked on approaches and skills to deal differently with difficult and stressful situations.


I offer DISC Profiling and NLP Language and Behavioural Profiling (LAB NLP). I also offer MBTI which I outsource to a trusted associate.


I offer a choice of 3, 6 and 12 session programmes online and in-person or a mix of both. Call 07968 134326 to book a FREE Discovery call and let’s talk about your career needs.