Is a Shopify online business right for you?

When it’s a cat’s life, you need the right toolkit

It really is a cat and mouse game when you have to start a business in the most challenging of times, but this is precisely when the most successful businesses are born. They arise out of innovation and creativity and The Mousers Toolkit is one such business.

Founded in November 2020 by Rachel Smith, The Mousers Toolkit is an online business which complements Rachel’s cat-sitting business ‘Home Loving Cats’ based in the north of England. This side of the business was established over three years ago and was very successful, until it stopped in its tracks by the Covid-19 pandemic. This left Rachel without an income and she needed to create a more sustainable business, which generated income online. That’s when Rachel got in touch and we explored how she could diversify, using her knowledge, skills and expertise.

In just a few sessions we created the business model, growth strategies and developed the brand identity that would become The Mousers Toolkit. Rachel’s business model was perfect for a Shopify website which gives her all the e-commerce functionality she needs in a user-friendly site, without the need to be technically savvy.

Working closely with one of our strategic partners, Luke Broadhurst and his team at Leadin Success, together we looked at the design and build for a Shopify website which launched on Friday 29th January, coincidentally Rachel’s birthday, and so a double celebration!

A winning formula

  1. Mindset. Rachel has an open and inquisitive approach and right from the start she was proactive in acting quickly to address the weakness in her business and income model. The result? Within two months she has an online business which has none of the geographical limitations of her core cat-sitting business.

  2. Trust. Rachel had not worked with a business coach before, nor was she particularly technically orientated. But she didn’t let fear or uncertainty get in the way. She trusted me and my experience whilst bringing all her creative ideas to the table.

  3. Values. Rachel can continue to introduce an infinite range of new products and services for years to come. We built the business model around Rachel’s core business values and her personality; cat-loving care, creativity and having fun.

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