I read in a recent survey article that over 70 percent of employees stated their manager and a lack of appreciation as their reason for wanting to leave their current employer. Frankly I’m not surprised, I see the evidence in my coaching practice because most of my career coaching clients come to me after feeling unhappy for quite some time.

But move to where? To do what? 

Better the devil you know and fear of the unknown keeps many people where they are, feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Life is too precious to waste – there IS a better way! 

I have helped many clients over the years find new direction and new hope. Of course I can’t magic up your perfect role or job, and your situation will be unique to you, so we start by getting really clear about what is important to you in your work, what you need to thrive and be happy, and then we work together to generate some ideas based on this. I use profiling tools to help this process.

I can then help you refresh your CV and support you through the search and interview preparation process. My services are tailored to your needs, so whether you need help to move up or move on, I can help.  

I offer career coaching packages to suit most budgets for both in-person coaching and online coaching. Call 07968 134326 to book a FREE 45-minute Discovery call.