This week on one of the social sites I came across the word ‘Ikigai’ for the first time. It is described in the graphic above used with this post.

The timing was universally perfect. I have been re-orientating back into my business over the last few months from a long term corporate contract. The challenge is, when you have done a lot over a number of years it is easy to keep doing the same thing. I wanted to check-in with myself and prioritise what I really want to do, rather than what I can do.

I played around with a mind-map for a while, but in the end I opted for a spreadsheet – the analyst in me.
In column 1 and listed everything I can do. That was a useful reminder.
In column 2 I rated my expertise 1 = An expert 2 = good  3 = average/novice)
In column 3 rated my income for that service  1 = high  2 = good 3 = low/not enough
In column 4 I gave a love rating 1 = I would do it for free I love doing it so much    2 = like it but more intellectual challenge than passion 3 = doesn’t do it for me.

I found it a cathartic exercise, even though the outcome in the main confirmed what I already knew in my heart.
Some things I am an expert in and income is good but I’m not passionate about it.
Some things I am not an expert and sometimes I may not earn as much as other things I do do, but I really love doing it!

This helped me realise that quality of life and fulfilment through my work is a real priority for me and more important than money. I think the Japanese have it spot on, focusing on finding their Ikigai. It’s definitely my word for 2018.

I hope you find yours too,