“What a difference a day makes.”

Dinah Washington recorded this song when she spoke of twenty-four little hours, and bringing the sun and the flowers where there used to be rain. A lovely thought on a grey damp January morning don’t you think?

The beginning of a year is an exciting time to revisit some simple questions:

• What do you want to achieve? This month, this year, in the longer term.
• What are your drivers? Is it money? security? freedom? achievement? or something else?
• Do you have the desire to build a successful business but fail to follow through on your goals and actions?
• What could possibly be holding you back?

We don’t always understand what causes us to lose the motivation to follow through on our business or personal goals, why we become distracted and things start to feel much harder after a while, like walking through glue. Before you know it it’s another year over!

If this is your experience the chances are you have some subconscious self-limiting beliefs which are out of alignment with what you want to achieve consciously. Subconscious beliefs are mostly inherited from others, family, teachers and other influencers in our early years, when they may have even been helpful.

The problem is, the subconscious stores everything but the beliefs don’t always get updated to support us in our current life. So we become stuck through operating with an out of date programme (aka our beliefs).

So what can you do about it?

Willpower, self-discipline, affirmations and positive thinking, they may all help. However, I use PSYCH-K® (psychological kinesiology) which I include freely as an option in all my coaching services..I first discovered PSYCH-K® through Bruce Lipton. He had used it and the impact on his life was transformative so he became a champion of it.

My interest in success psychology started many years ago, when I trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming which has always influenced my coaching. When I experienced PSYCH-K as I worked through some changes, I knew immediately it had the potential to help my coaching clients to make shifts to a whole new level, and I was right.

PSYCH-K® is a leading-edge rapid change process. Scientifically proven by neuroscience brain mapping, it uses muscle testing to identify subconscious beliefs which may be holding you back from achieving your goals. The PSYCH-K® belief change process is used to reprogramme the subconscious and install new beliefs which will support you in achieving your goals.

How I can help you

Depending on your needs there are a variety of tools in my toolbox:


Every business breakthrough begins with a single step and a day with me to review of your current strategy, goals and objectives is guaranteed to give a fresh perspective and generate new ideas. I also assist you in developing more successful approaches and removing barriers to growth.


You may have a skills or experience gap that needs to be filled to improve performance. As a training and development expert for many years I can develop a bespoke training solution for you/your team to target areas of weakness. For example to improve product or service knowledge, convert more prospects to clients and develop ‘soft’ skills.


Coaching is a way of you developing as an individual; I design coaching programmes to support your specific goals and preferred style of learning, so you get the very best from yourself, and others. I offer onsite resident coaching at your company offices, or at my coaching practice in Leamington Spa or remotely via Skype. Or any combination of these.

For more information or to book a coaching session contact me directly on 07968 134326 or via email me at anne@anne-wilkinson.co.uk, and let’s get going.