If you have been recommended to look into PSYCH-K ‘psychological kinesiology’ – read on I will  explain it in simple terms, first a bit of background.

Having been coaching for nearly 18 years I have worked with hundreds of clients. The most common barrier to achieving any goal, business or personal are limiting beliefs.They will show up as lack of confidence, unhelpful habits, difficult relationships, performance issues etc but behind all this ‘stuff’ will be subconscious limiting beliefs of some kind and when triggered it take an almighty effort to make long term sustainable change. I decided to train in Hypnotherapy so I could help my clients reprogramme these deep rooted patterns and beliefs but as the start date of training course got closer I just wasn’t feeling I wanted to do it, so I cancelled it despite losing my deposit.

About four weeks later I heard about PSYCH-K® as I was listening to a video by Bruce Lipton on YouTube. He was telling a story about how he had used PSYCH-K himself to transform his subconscious beliefs about relationships that he hadn;t realised had been holding him back for many years. The shift that he was able to make ultimately led to him meeting his wife and they have been happily married for many years.

Fascinated, I wanted to find out more.

So, what is it?

PSYCH-K® is a energy psychology. It comprises of a proven set process which enables you to connect with your own subconscious mind to identify beliefs which are holding you back. Think repeat and habitual patterns that you don’t want, or a certain type of person or relationship you are attracting which may not serve you, or walking through ‘glue’. You work with a trained PSYCH-K® Facilitator such as myself and you don’t go into an altered state, you are completely in control and driving your own bus throughout!.

Sometimes, and this happened to a client last week who came to me specifically for PSYCH-K® – the coaching conversation itself can shifts the ‘stuckness’ and the subconscious just ‘gets it’. Lightbulb moments are a classic, we feel it. This shift can happen due to something we have discussed which creates a deeper emotional shift internally. Coaching with PSYCH-K® is both fascinating and hugely self-empowering because it is YOU who is changing YOUR life experience.

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