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Career coaching

We all reach a point in our careers where we find ourselves at a crossroads. Which way next is often scuppered by past experiences and out-dated beliefs. This can hold us back and cause confusion. I can help you unravel this and gain the clarity to make better career choices.

I will take you through a process to get clarity, starting with your career values and drivers, and build on that so you know what you want to do, the environment you want to work in, how to search and find it, and win at interviews.

Business coaching

If your company has been trading for a while there’s a high risk it will plateau at some point. As a business owner or managing director you can be too close or too attached to see the opportunities or gaping holes.

Opening yourself up to challenge, new ideas and fresh thinking is often all it takes to start growing your business again. It will reinvigorate your thinking, reconnect you with your purpose and create new strategies for growth.

I help company directors and business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives to focus on the things that matter, to prioritise, be more effective and productive. I can also help you set up a new business, grow online and accelerate your entry into the market place.


Reinvogorate. Reconnect.

Executive coaching

No matter what position you hold, how much you earn or success you have achieved to date you are human. Fear of failure, fear of success, perfectionism and imposter syndrome are just a few examples of what frequently emerges during coaching sessions.

Through executive coaching, leaders and managers can become more self-aware, deal with unhelpful behaviours and attitudes, and create better working relationships. Good relationships, communication and influencing skills lies at the heart of every successful, inspiring leader.

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Business consultancy

Beyond coaching, I offer mentoring and consultancy services for business owners or those looking to set up new ventures. I combine my strategic and commercial experience, along with coaching and business planning techniques to support you on whatever it is you are trying to achieve.

Examples include creating an online business, helping you advance to the next stage for your business by engaging third parties, recruitment strategies to attract the right people, developing a high-performance culture or entering new markets.

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How I work

Because every client’s needs are different, I tailor my services uniquely to you and how you like to work. I will provide structure, tools, challenge and accountability but I won’t prescribe what will happen in each coaching session at the beginning of your programme. There are no one-size fits all programmes here.

The first step on your coaching journey is to book a FREE 45-minute discovery call. During this time, we will discuss any challenges you are facing and what you are trying to achieve. I can then guide you on how I would be able to help you, and what this would look like from a time and cost perspective.

In most cases I will ask new clients to commit to minimum 3-session programme. This will give us the time to get to know each other, look at the things that matter and build momentum. I also offer a retained service for business clients and individuals who want regular monthly support.

At present due to Covid-19 coaching sessions are online using Zoom. Face to face sessions will resume at some point in the future.