I’ve just spent a glorious unplanned half hour intrigued by the birds feeding in my sunny snowy garden – what a treat!

I became intrigued by a family of sparrows crowded on to a fatball feeder that was nearly empty, when two feet away there is another one choc full all of the same variety – trust me my birds are picky when it comes to their fatballs! This one is new, I only put it up yesterday and it was like they didn’t see it, they only saw what they were used to.

This can happen to us as well. Whether it is business related, relationships, money or something else, we mostly don’t notice what is in front of us or around us, from our meandering thoughts to our changing environment.

One common statement on my school reports as a child was ‘Anne would do extremely well if only she paid more attention’. I am still working on it!

Merry Christmas.